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Friday, November 14, 2008

Cameo Persian

This Beautiful 15 years old Cameo Persian Cat (Skye) is courtesy of " whitlee0913 " from flickr.
The Cameo Persian was developed from Smoke Longhair and Tortoiseshell Longhair, in the 1950's.
Their are 8 kinds:
Red Shell Cameo
Red Shaded Cameo
Red Smoke Cameo
Cream Shell Cameo
Cream Shaded Cameo
Cream Smoke Cameo
Cameo Tortie
Cameo Tabby

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whitney said...

Hi, this is Whitlee. This beautiful example of a cameo persian's name is "Dude". He passed away this past year, he lived a wonderful, fancy life. The life he deserved. Thanks for putting up his picture for the world to see, I will always remember him as a brother.