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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ear Mite

the Cat shaking his head picture is courtesy of peter_hasselbom

Why do cats shake their heads?

Ear mite is maybe the cause of it.

Ear mite are microscopic creatures who lives inside  animals ears.

They can be transmitted even from brief contact with another cat or dog.

It is rear for human to get infected.

If your cat is scraching his ears and shake his head a lot, It's a sign for ear mite.

Ear mite possible sign is something like black dirt inside the cat's ears.

A lot of scraching and shaking, without the "black dirt", can also be ear infection.

Either way, It is a good idea to get your cat to the vet.

The vet will take a sample from the black dirt and put it under a microscop.

If he'll see this... It's Ear mite...

The treatment is probably will be some kind of ear drops, twice daily.

(Ear mite picture from wikipedia, Entry: ear mite)


Peter said...

No. It's definitely not ear mites that makes them shake their heads. If it was they should instead scratch their ears with a paw.

The head shake happens in some special situations, like when they have sniffed on something with a strong smell, or sometimes when they are waking up.

I think that they are rebooting their brain :)

~BS~ said...

I am relieved! My cat is shaking her head from time to time, not a lot, I dont think she has a real problem, so rebooting is a good reason for me :)