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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Safe way to pick up kittens and grown cats:

The kitten picture is courtesy of aYomy

In the picture you can see a human child picks up a cat kitten.

A little too far from his body. It may scare the kitten. 


It is better not to pick up kittens before they are two weeks of age.

From the age of 2 weeks to 4 weeks, it is recommended to only pick them up briefly.

Young kittens can be picked up by the loose skin at the back of their necks. The Same way as their mothers move them around.

Kittens  are very light and it will not heart them.

But, never lift a grown cat by its neck. It can heart him. 

Safe way to pick up kittens and grown cats:

Approach the cat from his side. One open palm, up, on the belly, behind the legs in the front.

Second hand, over the back and under the belly close to the hind legs. Pick the cat up close to your body.

He will feel secure because of the good support.


 My cat comes closer and closer every day, but still she doesn’t let me pet her or touch her. Hopefully soon

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