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Monday, September 29, 2008

I can touch my nose with my tounge, but I can't taste sweet!

The cat picture is courtesy of red_a_27

Cats don't like sweet things, easy for them...

Researchers, who checked the tongue nerves of cats and dogs, found that dogs have nerves path to the brain that transfer -"sweet massages" and cats doesn't.

The main reason is that cats are meat eaters, and they don't need to be sensitive to sweet flavor, but maybe it is also due to the reason, that sweet things are not good for many cats and it may cause them digestive problems.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cat's guide for hunting – the attack!

The hunting cat picture is courtesy of antonym

Before you continue, read the first part: Cat's guide for hunting.

Getting ready to the final stage of the attack

He moves his rear legs, his eyes are following the movements of his prey, the tip of his tail is twisting anxiously... and…

He is out of his hideaway! running forward very fast, with his body tight to the ground… he is in a contact distance… he lifts his upper body and jumps on his prey…!

With his rear legs, the cat is routing to the ground, and he uses his paws to attach his prey to the ground…

To be continued…

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eyes Size

The Cat man picture is courtesy of Clifton Burt

Cats have very big eyes in proportion to the rest of their face. If we had eyes in the same proportion they would be big as 0.8 inch.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Mousing skills and traveling around the world

The Straw Cat and boats picture is courtesy of Carolitas

Cats are great hunters and it is one of the reasons why they spread all over the world. Cats were taken aboard ships to successfully practice their mousing skills! 

The picture is courtesy of " harryillustration " from flickr

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your pet finger prints ah... nose pad

The cat nose pad is courtesy of earthfromtheground

Every cat has a different  and unique nose pad.

The cat's nose leather is basically the same as the human fingerprints!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Food! now!

The Kitten asking for food picture is courtesy of babykailan

Cats have more than 100 vocal sounds, (dogs have about ten)

Constantly miaoing for food is one of the most familiar sounds.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The cats claws picture is courtesy of A.Vale

When cats are scratching things in the house with their sharp claws, they do it for satisfying their urge to stretch themselves after all this long hours of sleep…
They scratch to clean and strengthen their claws, and also to mark their territory.
I have read somewhere that the scratching is not for sharpening the claws. Need to check it out. If anyone knows, how do cats keep their claws so sharp all the time? Leave your comment!

Cat's guide for hunting

The hunting cat picture is courtesy of winnie's human

Cat's guide for hunting (feel the alertness while reading this post... shhhsshhh...)

When your cat finds a prey, he starts the tracking…
He starts to get closer slowly and carefully using every cover, he can find.
Then he moves fast - running crawling with his belly close to the ground.
The cat stops. His running crawl was cut off, and while he stops, he looks carefully at his prey. These stages of running and stopping may happen a few times until the cat is in the closest cover he can find ...
When the cat is close enough, he bends behind the cover and getting ready to the final stage of the attack…
To be continued…

Monday, September 22, 2008


Tajikistan cat stamps

LOLCAT History and tools

Lolcat Big story picture is courtesy of Kevin Steele

LOLCAT is a picture of a cat ( mostly) with a humorous and peculiar caption in broken English. A dialect known as "Kitteh!". Or "lolspeak", LOLCAT is also known as cat macro.
The phrase on the image is usually the saying of the cat in the picture, like a speech balloon.
It is similar to baby talks.
The caption is intentionally in "broken" English.
These LOLCATS images were firstly seen around 2005.
The registration of "" was on June 2006.
It became a sensation on early 2007 with the appearance of
Check it out, you can make your own LOLCAT there.
And if you want to learn "lolspeak" :

Here is this same post in lolspeak , enjoy!


The serious lolcat picture is courtesy of brownpau

Water spray bottle technique

Cats and Spray bottle is courtesy of sara.atkins

The spray bottle of water can help you a lot when you want to stop a "bad" behavior of your cat which is not right for the environment he lives in. like doing manicure on your cabinet/bed/curtains etc. or when intimidating and fighting with the other cats. (try targeting only on the attacker…)
On the picture you can see a cat that feel safe beside the spray bottle who the other cat don’t like so much…
When using this technique, soon your cat will learn to behave.

The Cat in trouble picture is courtesy of tilaneseven


With Prey

Cats and prey
The cat and his prey picture is courtesy of

If your cat comes home with a prey in his mouth don't be mad at him, He brought food to the house, and he want to show it to you AND MAYBE SHARE IT WITH YOU... He is proud of the successful hunt!
You should accept his present with joy…! (and then get rid of it ASAP)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How dare it???!

The Cat and the bee picture is courtesy of Shinki WMR

Cats like to catch and eat flies bees and other bzzzzzz.
It's always good to add some protein in your diet.

Curiosity or care... we need to take care of them!

The curious cat picture is courtesy of mwri

The phrase "Curiosity killed the cat" was published first on the beginning of the 20th century. It is a variation on the sentence- “Care killed the cat”. A sentence from the end of the 16th century. Care in this case is defined as "worry", or sorrow.
It is said that “a cat has nine lives,” yet care would wear them all out.
These sentences comes to remind us not to worry so much. It is not good for our health!
We cant have control on everything, so let's leave the worries and don’t hold them so strong. instead , let's do what we can do, to make things better!
I have started my journey with cats lately, and I can say that my cat is very worried since she came to our house. But I am sure it will not kill her. She just needs time to adjust to her new surrounding. I am waiting to see her curious side and I'll keep an eye on her to make sure it won't kill her!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Intrigued cat

The intrigued cat picture is courtesy of Nancy Rose

Cats are very curious by nature, and food isn't always the reason… they also needs to satisfy their quest for the unknown.


The Spiritual Cat picture is courtesy of  aaron & mariona 

Cats in Buddhist teachings:
Sometimes the cats body, can become a temporary place for the soul of very spiritual people, to rest in.

In the transmigration system of the cabala, a person would turn into a cat if he uses the name of God.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cats and Women...

The Cat Greek goddess… picture is courtesy of LukeDaDuke
Cats and Women...
Some cats characteristics:
They do as they please.
They are totally unpredictable.
They listen to you rarely.
When you want to play, they want to be left alone.
They have moods.
They leave hair everywhere.

Hello cats-facts reader!
If you have more cats characteristics... please add them as comments!

eye of the tiger

The cat with the glowing eyes picture is courtesy of  francesco12corde

The cats cornea has two kinds of cell receptors 
The cone cells for color and the rod cells for contrasts, same as in the human eyes.
Cats eyes has more cone cells than in our eyes, so they see better at night, and in low light, but they have less rod cells so they cant see details like us. 

Cats Teeth

The cat picture (Sparky) is courtesy of janoid

The main function of the cat teeth is to kill and to cut down his pray. 
The technique our little pets are using in order to kill their pray, is to insert their teeth between two of the pray neck vertebras and separating them with force…!
There are scientist who thinks that the gap between the cat teeth match the size of the pray neck's size. Yes you are right the gap between the teeth of your cats is exactly the size of a house mouse neck!

Cats and Snakes

The cat and snake picture is courtesy of  karhneg - crazy photographer

Some Cats and snakes things I've read:
Cats snake bites are less deadly than dogs snake bites.(at least in Australia).
If a the worst happens and your cat do get a snake bite take him straight to the vet!
Some cats get's their owner intention to a suspicious place with a special body language, and their tail is "happy" again only when the area was found safe.
Cats can catch a snake or warn us about it, but the best thing is that they prevent the snakes from getting to the house in the first place because they eat the snakes food.
Lucky me, I leave in a place with no snakes, and now that I have a cat I can sleep even better, specially because she is still under my bed all the time…

Does Vitamin C help with dog snake bite? you can read about it here:

The cat with snake pictures are courtesy of Chickenboots 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maneki Neko

This is my Maneki Neko picture. 
I got the Maneki Neko  from my sister, when she came back from Japan.
As you can see, the Maneki Neko beckon with their left palm forward, which indicates that they were made for domestic use. The Maneki Neko for exports are beckoning with the back of the palm as it is customary in the west.

The "beckoning cat" Maneki Neko is a very popular charm in Japan.
Its paw is beckoning the customers to enter the shop.
The common belief is that the Maneki Neko became popular on the EDO Period.
The popularity of the Maneki Neko is probably connected to the popularity of the lucky charms connected to the sex industry, which grew along with the strengthening of the merchant’s class. Special areas for "merriment" developed and in the amusement houses there, they had good luck shelves with a charm of a male sexual organ.
Even today, in Japan they have once a year fertility festival for good harvest and a huge penis made from wood is paraded through the streets.
When Japan has opened up to the west, the government wanted to improve its image in the eyes of the western world and it prohibited displaying and manufacturing the sexual talisman. The sexual charms disappearance coincides with the spread of the Maneki Neko first in the amusement areas and then throughout Japan. There is an image from that period that shows a women beckoning like a cat. And maybe that is the connection. The cat symbolizes the beckoning of a woman to a man (with the money) to come to the area.

My cat is hiding

The hiding cat picture is courtesy of E.L.A

My Cat is hiding. still hiding. It's been 3 weeks since she came to the house and I almost haven't seen her at all. Off course I check that she is O.K. everyday, but I am waiting for her to come to me. 

She take her time to learn the room at nights, when I'm asleep... (she doesn't know that I hear her:)

When I looked for "hiding cats" Or my cat is hiding or other searches... everybody writes that it take between 2 days to 2 weeks until they start to come out... Well, my cat is special and she decided to break that record! (I hope she wont break the world record... I heard from a friend, it took his cat 2 months! until he started to become a known persona in the house. I am not in a hurry, If she wants to hide, I say, let her hide. But I can't wait to write the post "My cat is not hiding from me anymore!"

Mummified Egyptian

The mummified Cat picture is courtesy of AK Foto

Mummified Cat (from the Late Ptolemaic Period, Egypt) at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Cat, London

Cat, bronze sculpture from The British Museum, London
Exhibition title: "Divine Cat", December 2007
Similar sculptures were made by Egyptian donners at that time to ask their gods to give them long and healthy life.
Picture is courtesy of AK Foto.
Cats were worshiped in Egypt to such extent that it was forbidden to kill them, and the penalty was death.


The Flexible cat, picture is courtesy of E.L.A.

Cats have strong but very light skeleton. Their spines are very flexible, and it increases their agility.


The ginger cat (Name: Muffi) picture is courtesy of Mats&Muffi.

There are more than three thousands kinds of home cats. only eight percent of them are purebred.

Cats and their big ears

The cat and it's ears picture is courtesy of jennypennydotnet

Cat hears up to sixty five kilohertz, Humans max. twenty.

When humans are happy they laugh or smile, and cats? When they are happy they purr.

The cat purring happily after a lot's of care and love from her new family is courtesy of fofurasfelinas.

When humans are happy they laugh or smile, and cats? When they are happy they purr.
Cats purr is happening when the cat's brain, vibrating the muscles in the voice box, which stops and continues the flow of the air. This mechanism works during inhalation and exhalation and it makes the impression that the purr is continuously.

Cats purr around twenty six cycles per second.

(Cats may also purr when they are upset or startled.)

One of the cutest kittens ever

The cute, cutest, adorable, in love, the cutest, fluffy, sweet, precious, beautiful... kitten picture is courtesy of catherine.caf away for holidays

Some rules with kittens:
Don't lift young kittens by their nape.
Do not give cow milk to very small kittens.
Do not let kittens go out of the house before making their first vaccination.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hanging around

The cat doll (and a fish) picture is courtesy of Immagina from flickr.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stray Cats

Stray Cat photo by Toshio Kishiyama -

Jane Weatherford from Brown County Human Society Animal Shelter writes some sad statistics about stray cats.
ZERO cats were returned to their owners on the first 3 months of the year.
Last year 17 % of the dogs were returned to their owners.
Last year only 4% of the cats were returned to their owners.
Her conclusions:
Owners of cats don’t care as much about their pets as dog owners do.
Cat owners are irresponsible.
Dogs are more valued than cats.
Cats get lost easier than dogs.
Read the story of Copper- one of the stray cats.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Can cats find their way home?

A friend of mine told me a story about a cat finding his way back home from far away.
His brother brought the cat home on a motorcycle. He found that abandoned cat very thin and hungry, with an earring on his ear! He was abandoned for sure - I don't think he did the earring to himself to attract the females... So, he brought him home, and gave him food and shelter. A week later, their mother didn't want the cat anymore and asked them to take him far away. (don't worry, this story has a happy ending).
They try to protest but it didn't help. So, the cat was on the motorcycle again, going far away. My friends brother, drop down the cat 15 miles from home, in a another town, and U turned.
On the next day, when they went out of the house entrance, they saw the cat sitting on the motorcycle, looking at them...
This time, their mother kept the cat for the rest of his life...
There is a story about a cat who pass 950 miles (1500 km), from Boston to Chicago!

Modern researches shows that the key to the domestication ability of cats is an inborn ability of navigation according to the sky. The same ability that birds has. The researchers think that when the cat live in his original home his brain "writes" automatically the angle of the sun in certain hours, and when he is in a different place at the same hour, the sun is not in the right place... So he try to walk in some direction, and if the angle is getting more "correct" the cat continues in that direction. If not, he change his path, until it gets better.
When he gets closer to his home, the cat starts to see and smell the familiar sights and easily find his way home.

Norwegian Forest Closeup

The Norwegian Forest cat picture is courtesy of eva101 .


A line of Cat Gods in the Nubian Temple of Dendur, Egypt, 15 B.C.E. Picture taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where the temple is exhibited since 1978.
Picture is courtesy of jaylevine from Flickr.

Ancient Egyptian mythology has it that Lions or Cats represent Creation. That’s why their gods had masks in these shapes (as well as other animals masks), i.e., The Goddess Bast - protects cats as well as women and children.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


The catnip plant picture is courtesy of ashman 88.

Nepata Cataria coomon name –catnip is a plant that cause euphoria in cats.
It's surprisingly to see how cats are attracted to this plant. Cats are almost making love to it. It seems like it makes them so exited because it has the substance which is close to the substance that a cat in heat produces.

The cat licking catnip picture is courtesy of b.mune

The Hopped up on the 'nip picture is courtesy of Conlawprof .

I will grow a catnip plant for my cat, but not before she is old enough! - 6 months old.

Still hiding

The Hiding cat picture is courtesy of jon_a_ross.
My cat is still hiding under the bad all day and comes out at night time.
yesterday I didn't bother her at all and didn't look for her. I am going to give her time to get used to me, in her own rhythm.
I started reading her a story in the evenings, I hope she'll like it. It's from the book by David Taylor - "You & your cat". I like it a lot!


The flying cat picture is courtesy of Gail S .

why do cats have a third eyelid?

The Cat picture is courtesy of Darshminder .

Cats inner eyelid - palpebra tertia.
Third eyelid exist in cats, birds, sharks and other animals… In some animals it is transparent.
Most of the mammals have third eyelid, so the question is not why do cats have a third eyelid but why people don't have it.
When cat's third eyelid moves on the cornea it:
1. adds a layer of tears, redistributing layer of tears
3. it removes debris from the surface of the cornea.

Cats Eyes

Cats eyes -turquoise color is courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar .
The cats eyeballs are rounder and shorter than our eyes. it gives them a wider angle vision.
When I looked for my cat, and found her under the bad she looked up at me twisting her head back and up. I had the feeling she sees me good but I didn't understand how. Now I know - She has a wider angle vision.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The singing cats picture is courtesy of fofurasfelinas from flickr.


The intimidating cat picture is courtesy of Hannibal Poenaru .


The fishing cat closeup is courtesy of patries71 .

Fishing cat sometimes is beeing confused with the fisher -animal, and miscalled a fisher cat.

The fisher cat lives near rivers streams and swamps.
Fishing cat are main pray is fish.
Who said that cats (fishing cats) doesn’t like swimming?

The fishing cat picture is courtesy of reivax .


The hiding kitten cat is courtesy of paolo margari .

My cat is still hiding under the bad for the whole day. At night she comes out, when I'm sleeping/awake, I hear her in the dark. Kittens in stress, in a new house are very much affraid from everything and it may take a couple of weeks untill they start to feel safe.

In the first few days, I wanted her to feel that I care for her and I looked for her all the time. I was looking her in the eyes talking to her. Well apparently I need to learn better the language of cats. I found some tips which will help me improve my cat lang:

* Food/water arriving at the same times every day
* Same food and water bowls used, always placed in the exact location as before.
* Litter pans scrubbed and scooped at the same time(s) every day.
* Reading times- going into her room, sitting on the floor (not in a chair) taking off your shoes so she can catch your scent when you stick your feet into her general direction and begin reading aloud softly to her. Afterward, place a meaty treat in the imprint you left on the carpet and leave the room.
* Use nightlights or dim lights in the room.
* Play classical music though harp music is best.
* Keep your voice soft and remove your shoes when entering her domain.
* Talk to her all the time you are in the room, even when you can’t see her.
* Keep others from entering until she can adjust to her new world.
* Keep other pets away from her.
* Install a pet-proof screen door for the room. This keeps her safe and able to move about quicker because no one can enter without first making noise.
* Be sure she has plenty of ventilation in the warmer times of the months. You can keep the windows open 24/7 by installing plastic rose trellis over the windows.
* Be sure the decorative holes are not big enough for her to get her head stuck. These sheets come in several different styles can be attached easily with screws and popped out only by creatures with opposable thumbs.
* If she isn’t drinking water, use a clear glass bowl that is large enough her whiskers won’t touch the sides. Buy some colored aquarium rock, or use marbles or ball bearings (all rinsed well) and pour those on the bottom of the bowl. Add fresh cool water daily. Another alternative is a Drinkwell water fountain.
* If she isn’t eating, be sure you are feeding her on a plate, not in a bowl. If her whiskers touch the sides of the bowl, she may not eat. Cats whiskers are ultra sensitive to touch.
* Do not make eye contact with her when she does come out. If you happen to glance over and see her, blink your eyes slowly several times , lower your head and back away. Direct staring at a stray cat is an invitation to battle.