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Friday, October 31, 2008

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cat picture is courtesy of peter_hasselbom

Thursday, October 30, 2008


The cat (Ema) picture is courtesy of " fmsbotelho " from flickr.

The cat's pupils contract in strong light, in order to defend the retina.
There is no need for the pupil to be closed completely because the eye lids can do that.
When the light is very very strong the pupil will contract to the end and will become closed completely, but only in the middle, tiny aperture will be left on the corners.
In the picture the pupils shows it is a medium strong light.

Black Maine Coon

The Black Maine Coon Cat picture is courtesy of cindasl
The maine Coon cat was developed from American farm cats who probabley were cross-breed between Angora cats and unpure short hair cats.
The maine coon has a large veriety of color and designs.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The cat grooming himself picture is courtesy of " Tideswimmer " from flickr.

Hairballs – trichobezoars

Hairballs are part of cats life.

Cats swallow lots of hair on each session of grooming. Their tongue is grasping and pulling dead fur and they swallow some of it.

Most of the hair is being digest and comes out of their body through the digestive system.

Our pets gastrointestinal tract is made to process fur.

Some cats which has a strong digestive system don’t usually form hairballs.

Other cats cannot digest the fur and it accumulate in their stomach or small intestine.

Hairballs may cause discomfort, in appetence and frequent vomiting.

 To get rid of the hairball, cats will often vomit. A long ball of fur with food particles will be the result.

Good quality food can help against hairballs forming.

A  rich fiber diet can help against hair balls forming.

There are hairball  remedies.

Brushing your cat may help against forming of hairballs.

Help against hairball, or even preventing it completely - once a week, give your cat a Table spoon of canned pumpkin which is full of fiber.


Smaller hair balls go through the system, and sometimes it causes discomfort and pain because of constipation.

If the hairball completely block the intestine it may be deadly!

Such hairball may required a surgery to remove it and save the cat's life.

Dry hacking usually after a meal is normal.

The Cat that enjoing so much while producing his next hairball, picture is courtesy of " eric_malette " from flickr.

Two hairballs or less per month is in the norm.

To produce a hairball, when the dry hacking starts should take 24-48 hours. A visit to the vet would be a good idea if the hairball doesn’t come out.

Cats Asthma symptoms may sound very similar to the coughs due to hairballs.


excessive hairball problem signs:

The cat vomit frequently

Withdrawn Behaviors

He refuse to eat or to drink

No Bowel movement

A Clumpy coat

Abdominal Pain



Hard stools with visible hair.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon Cat Pictures are courtesy of " Nick Bark " from flickr.
He sent me a few words about Maine Coon cats:

"Maine Coons are originally from the north east of the USA, and have heavy top coat and fluffy under coat. They were much prized by farmers as due to their size they made excellent hunters of vermin. As very playful cat they are often considered the dog of the cat world due to their playful nature and their ability to be trained to fetch like dogs.

Their name (legend has it) came from the place where they originated (Maine) and the fact that they look a little like a Racoon!

Maine Coon Cat Cheff...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon Cat Picture is courtesy of " jaggystu71 " from flickr.
The Maine Coon Cat breed was developed from 
tough American farm cats. 

Ancient Egyptian Cat, Oxford

The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK

Cat Picture is courtesy of “ tristrambrelstaff ” from Flickr.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pre-Columbian Artifact

Cat statue from Chile, Santiago, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
Pre Columbian means: before Christopher Columbus. “Pre-Comlumbian” includes: Aztec, Maya, Inca, Moche, Chibcha, Cañaris…
Cat statue Picture is courtesy of “ johotravels ” from Flickr.

Cat Tattoo

The Cat Tattoo picture is courtesy of miss pupik
The perfect tattoo for "krazy about cats" people.

Cats Are Predators

The Cat and a mouse picture is courtesy of " sean dreilinger " from flickr.
Cats are predators
When they play, it's also a practice to help them stay in shape.
When cats play with their pray it's sometimes seems cruel, but it is necessary for the cat survival.
I have written on the post with pray that when your cat comes home with a pray in his mouth, it's a gift that he want to share with you, Well there is another reason, your cat wants to "play" with his prey and to practice his hunting skills in a place where he knows every inch of , so that his prey will not succeed to escape.


The Cat Mosaic picture is courtesy of " Ullybby " from flickr.
Everybody in her mosaic class are making cats.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The persian kitten is courtesy of Darlene ~
Kittens open their eyes when they are 5 days old. They start to develop their hearing and their eyesight at the age of about two weeks.
kittens start to walk when they are 20 days.


The Calico Cat picture is courtesy of " Shirla " from flickr
Calico cats are very hard to breed, the kittens turn out to be almost always female!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tails Up!

The cat and his tail (and the dog) picture is courtesy of kamerakrazy

The house cat can hold it's tail up while walking.
It's the only cat species which does that!
The wild cat's tail is kept horizontally or between their legs.
One of the meanings of Cat's tail up is: I am not afraid!
The cat in the picture, tells the dog, with the universal animal language: I am not afraid of you !

Welcome The Ancestor of Your Cat... The African WildCat!

The African Wild Cat picture is courtesy of bit.Id

The ancestors of the house cats were five (or a maybe just a few more) females from the wildcat subspecies Felis silvestris lybica - The African wildcat
DNA research found that from these matriarchs all the house cats in the world, came from!
More than half a BILION Cats!

The African Wild Cat picture is courtesy of Nature Photographer

Monday, October 20, 2008

Do cats catch yawns from humans?

The yawning cat picture is courtesy of Saxon9

Usualy cats yawn in the morning, when they wake up ( my cat yawn at noon…)
And they rarely yawn in the evenings…
The picture of the yawning cat was "directed"...
It was taken after yawning infront of the cat to see if she'll catch it!!!
And she did!
Great Experiment!
You are welcome to try it with your cats and add your comments.
Do cats catch yawns from humans?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The Ragdoll Cat (largest cat breed) picture is courtesy of casear
Ragdoll is the largest cat breed.
Males weigh 12-20 pound (5-9 Kg.)
Females weigh less than males, 10-15 pounds (4.5 – 7 kg).

The Singapura cat picture is courtesy of W&T Photographs

The singapura cat is the smallest breed.
The singapura weigh
Males about 6 pounds (2.7 Kg)
Female about 4 pounds (1.8 Kg)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do they know it's their reflection in the mirror

The kitten and mirror picture is courtesy of shertila

Physiologists have had an experiment, trying to understand, do animals have got self awarness.
The animals were standing infront of a mirror and a red dot was projected on their forhead.
Some apes tried to take the red dot off their body, also dolphines and elephants.
Cats and dogs didn't.

I would be happy to read some cats mirrors stories...
what is your cat's reflection/reaction infront of a mirror?
Leave your comment...

The Cat House

The Cat House (Latvia, Riga) picture is courtesy of shertila
The story of this cat on the roof is that the Latvian owner of this house, wanted to become a member in a great guild and was denied.
To show to them his displeasure, he built this cat (two cats actually) with his backside to the guild direction… and the cat's tail is up to make sure they got the massage…

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cream Longhair kitten

The Cream Longhair kitten (Miss Maple) pictures are curtesy of
The Cream Longhair History:
This race was created excidently.
A mate between a Blue Longhair and a red longhair.
The British breeders didn't took them seriously, but the American breeders saw the hidden potential and started develop it's dynesty breed.
Today it's popularity is rising and the Cream Longhair is almost as popular asd the Blue Persian.
It's a calm cat and very affectionate.
Cream Longhair Description:
His head is wide and round.
Full cheeks and short nose.
big round eyes in copper color
little ears with round tips
Solid body with short hairy tail
Thick furr in a ivory hue from bright to middle.
Short thick legs.
big round paws.

Cream Longhair kitten

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sneaking Cat

The Sneaking Cat picture is courtesy of " ~Leesa " from flickr.
Cats has an amazing sense of balance .
Maybe the confidence in their ability to land on their feet, makes it even greater.

Kittens Paw

The kitten's paw picture is courtesy of " Lennydog® " from flickr.
It is a great feeling when my cat is punching me gently with her paws. When she strike without using her claws... It's all new to me... and every touch is a celebration!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tounge structure

The ragdoll Cat and his tounge Picture is courtesy of " 4D7 " from flickr.

Cats Tounge - cats tounge is very long and pliable.
In the center of the tounge there are papillae for grooming .
The taste papillae is located on the tip of the tounge, on the sides and on it's base.

Ragdoll Portrait

The ragdoll Cat Picture is courtesy of " 4D7 " from flickr.

Ragdoll cat - The name is drawn from his unique characteristic, when being hold, his body becomes completly relaxed and all his body parts hanging loosely like a rag doll.

Ragdoll cats have blue eyes, full cheeks and short nose.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cats and Cars...

The beautiful cat(Moon-Pie) picture is courtesy of " greenlikeglass " from flickr.
I wanted to write about cats cleaning their claws but I was told that this "thinking cat" got hit by a car and was killed...
I would like to learn how to keep my cat safe from such a faith,
and I am starting to collect information about it.
Keeping the cat in doors will solve this problem, but is it possible to always keep your cat at
home, if you live on street level?
Please send me tips on how to keep your cat safe from getting hit by a car, and I'll blog them for the benefit of me and others.
If we will learn to keep our cats safer on the roads, than Moon-Pie's death was not completely in vain.
I wish that moon pie continues cleaning his claws in cats heaven! Amen

Cats in love

The In love Cats Picture is courtesy of " Charlie is here " from flickr.
This picture was taken as is.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Looking outside the window

The cat (Reagen) picture is courtesy of " organicpixel " from flickr.

Cats love looking outside of windows.
With great interest! They look with their eyes, with their nose and with their ears!

The best cats reality show their is...


The Cat's Pink Nose Picture is courtesy of Mandy & Arjan " from flickr

Cat's noses colors can be different, pink nose, tan nose,  brown nose, gray nose or black nose, depend on the color of the cat's skin. There are also cats with color combination on their cute little noses. 


The sleeping cat on a hot day picture is courtesy of " ~Leesa " from flickr.
When there is a very hot day, you can help cats cooling down by letting them lick ice cubes.

Cat Bath

The Cat In the Bath picture is courtesy of " junku " from flickr

Cat Bath

Is it good to bath your cat?

Some people think it's good while others disagree.

Is it necessary to bath my cat?

In general, cats spend so much time cleaning themselves, that there is no reason to bath them.

Indoor short her cats usually don't need a bath.

Long hair cats could use a bath from time to time, if their fur get's too oily.

Cats bath instructions:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cats Xray Pictures

The cat Xray pictures are courtesy of " NudiePatooties " from flickr.

In this Xray Pictures we can see the skeleton of the cat and it's internal organs...
AWESOME!!! Thank you -" NudiePatooties " and thank you Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.

The basic anatomy of skeleton relate to the presence of seven cervical vertebrae, five lumbar vertebrae, twelve thoracic vertebrae, five sacral vertebrae and one to four coccygeal vertebrae.

The connection between the cat's vertebras is looser than human's vertebras connection.

It makes the cat's spinal column very pliable.

That's how the cat can make a "n" shape with his spinal column.

Kitten and Paws

The kitten and paws picture is courtesy of " aoizip " from flickr.

Can you tell the future cat's size by the size of the kitten's paws?
I know with dogs you can.
I heard a few examples that it is the same with cats.
If the kitten has relativley large paws, he will become a large cat.

There is another way to tell if your cat is going to be big and its looking at his father and mother, if they are big he'll probably be big too.

And there is the most sure way to know the size of your future cat and its...
wait a year and you'll know...!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My cat is not hiding from me anymore!

My cat is not hiding from me anymore!
Finally I can write this post...
"My cat is not hiding from me anymore!"
It's been one and a half months since my cat has come to the house.
In the first 3 days she didn't eat and didn't drink and we were about to catch her and take her to the vet. (We didn't know how we gonna do that…) but, that night she started to drink and to eat!

That night my cat started crying all night. This crying period, took about a week.
The idea to make this blog came on one of those nights without sleep!

It's been like a month, that my cat was hiding all day and coming out only at nights,
when I turn off the lights she was coming out to eat, drink and play.
I felt a great relieve when she started playing, I knew she'll be fine.

In the first few days she played by her self. I wanted to play with her but I couldn’t come near her, so I was looking for an extension, to reach her from far, and we had an idea to use the peacock feathers I got as a present. It was a great idea and I recommend it as one of the best games! The peacock tail cats game!
I need to make a patent on it, because I am sure I could sell millions of feathers to all the cat's owners!
This month pass, my cat was hiding all day and she came out only at nights, when the light was off and we played with the peacock feather until I fell a sleep, sometimes with the feather in my hand.

A few days ago, I fell a sleep with the peacock feather in my hand and woke up from a small paw scratching my hand saying– "let go of the feather…! You are sleeping, I respect that… I know how important it is to your physiological needs… but I want to play! I slept all day and I am full of energy! Let it go…!"
I was so happy! She touched me for the first time!

In the last few days my cat started to come out of her hiding earlier. She doesn’t wait until night time, and she comes out on the evenings.

Playing on the bad…! It's so great, to see her like that! After so long!

Yesterday night we played together, my cat, the peacock and me, and after a long play, I fell asleep, with the feather in my hand.
I woke up from a scratch… I didn't let go so fast this time and the scratching continues… It was so exiting to know that I started to gain her trust and that she is not afraid of me, and that she initiated the touch!
If she scratched to hard, I shouted… well, just a little… If she was gentle, I praised her. It was great!
So, it took my cat one and a half months to come out of her hidings!
And even though she is hiding all day and comes out only in the evenings, I can finally say: "My cat is not hiding from me anymore!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Clean Claws

The cat with his soon to be cleaned claws is courtesy of " sharon918 " from flickr.
Usualy, the last part of the cleaning process!

Cats purr, Poor Vets...

The cat (Sadie) on the Vet exam table picture is courtesy of pointnshoot from flickr.

Cats purr is a sign of pleasure, but cat's also purr to calm themselves when they are in stressing situations. When cats purr at the vets, they cannot be checked. To be able to check their pulse or to hear their lounges, The experienced Vets found two simple tricks. To open a water tub - the sound of water stop the cat's purr. The second trick is to blow gently on the cat nose, this would also stop the purr for a short while.

I wonder if it'll work with human hiccups too...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Know the temperature in the room with a Catmometer!

The Cat sleeps in a room of 25 C or more photo is courtesy of " swilson31 " from flickr

The Sleeping kittens photo is courtesy of " fofurasfelinas " from flickr.

I have read somewhere that you can know the air temperature by looking at the way your cat sleeps:

If your cat is all spread up, it's 25 C (77 F) and more.

If he wrap himself up a little it's about 20 C (68 F).

If the cat is wrapping himself up strongly with head covered with his tail it means 15 C (59 F) or less.

The sleeping cat photo is courtesy of " tilaneseven " from flickr


Sleeping cats sleeping humans

Cats may look lazy to us, well, they do sleep 18 hours a day…

But it is a physiological need for them. It's not laziness.

For example, the Lion sleeps 20-22 hours a day!

The problem is they sleep all day and wakes full of energy at night...!

Now, if you play with your cat just before bad time, with a fishing rod cat toy for example and give him a large meal, You have a better chance for a quiet full night sleep.

The sleeping cats picture is courtesy of ravenstarrosie

Saturday, October 4, 2008


The cat chasing a laser dot up the wall is courtesy of " Adrian Midgley " from flickr.
One of the best games to play with your cat is "THE LASER…!"
The little laser pointer is driving those cats crazy. They want to catch the little red bug so much…
It's so funny…!
The believe that cats only see in black and white was proven wrong, but they don’t give so much importance to colors. Maybe this red laser dot is something they do see in red!
If you have a new kitten, go and buy this laser pointer right away.
Make sure not to point it to the cat eyes (and not to yours).


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let the games begin!

The kong fu kitten picture is courtesy of peter_hasselbom from flickr.

When playing with your cat, the game should be interesting to both of you.
The cat will get bored if he'll always catch his prey,(and also you),
and will lose interest if he'll never get it (and also you). The ideal rate of a success hunting will be 1:3 to 1:6 .
If your cat will catch his prey at this rate, it will max. his interest, (and yours...)
Let the games begin!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surprising fact about their tounge

The Cat and his tongue picture is courtesy of " harleyannie " from flickr.
On cat's tongues, there are hundreds of knobs facing backward, like hooks. These knobs are being used for self grooming, for drinking water and may help in holding food or struggling with a prey.
They are made of the same material like our fingernails!