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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The cat grooming himself picture is courtesy of " Tideswimmer " from flickr.

Hairballs – trichobezoars

Hairballs are part of cats life.

Cats swallow lots of hair on each session of grooming. Their tongue is grasping and pulling dead fur and they swallow some of it.

Most of the hair is being digest and comes out of their body through the digestive system.

Our pets gastrointestinal tract is made to process fur.

Some cats which has a strong digestive system don’t usually form hairballs.

Other cats cannot digest the fur and it accumulate in their stomach or small intestine.

Hairballs may cause discomfort, in appetence and frequent vomiting.

 To get rid of the hairball, cats will often vomit. A long ball of fur with food particles will be the result.

Good quality food can help against hairballs forming.

A  rich fiber diet can help against hair balls forming.

There are hairball  remedies.

Brushing your cat may help against forming of hairballs.

Help against hairball, or even preventing it completely - once a week, give your cat a Table spoon of canned pumpkin which is full of fiber.


Smaller hair balls go through the system, and sometimes it causes discomfort and pain because of constipation.

If the hairball completely block the intestine it may be deadly!

Such hairball may required a surgery to remove it and save the cat's life.

Dry hacking usually after a meal is normal.

The Cat that enjoing so much while producing his next hairball, picture is courtesy of " eric_malette " from flickr.

Two hairballs or less per month is in the norm.

To produce a hairball, when the dry hacking starts should take 24-48 hours. A visit to the vet would be a good idea if the hairball doesn’t come out.

Cats Asthma symptoms may sound very similar to the coughs due to hairballs.


excessive hairball problem signs:

The cat vomit frequently

Withdrawn Behaviors

He refuse to eat or to drink

No Bowel movement

A Clumpy coat

Abdominal Pain



Hard stools with visible hair.


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