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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cats and Cars...

The beautiful cat(Moon-Pie) picture is courtesy of " greenlikeglass " from flickr.
I wanted to write about cats cleaning their claws but I was told that this "thinking cat" got hit by a car and was killed...
I would like to learn how to keep my cat safe from such a faith,
and I am starting to collect information about it.
Keeping the cat in doors will solve this problem, but is it possible to always keep your cat at
home, if you live on street level?
Please send me tips on how to keep your cat safe from getting hit by a car, and I'll blog them for the benefit of me and others.
If we will learn to keep our cats safer on the roads, than Moon-Pie's death was not completely in vain.
I wish that moon pie continues cleaning his claws in cats heaven! Amen

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Lil Miss Rosalie said...

cats generally have a greatreaction time so let the cars know! DRIVE SLOWLY!s