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Saturday, October 11, 2008

My cat is not hiding from me anymore!

My cat is not hiding from me anymore!
Finally I can write this post...
"My cat is not hiding from me anymore!"
It's been one and a half months since my cat has come to the house.
In the first 3 days she didn't eat and didn't drink and we were about to catch her and take her to the vet. (We didn't know how we gonna do that…) but, that night she started to drink and to eat!

That night my cat started crying all night. This crying period, took about a week.
The idea to make this blog came on one of those nights without sleep!

It's been like a month, that my cat was hiding all day and coming out only at nights,
when I turn off the lights she was coming out to eat, drink and play.
I felt a great relieve when she started playing, I knew she'll be fine.

In the first few days she played by her self. I wanted to play with her but I couldn’t come near her, so I was looking for an extension, to reach her from far, and we had an idea to use the peacock feathers I got as a present. It was a great idea and I recommend it as one of the best games! The peacock tail cats game!
I need to make a patent on it, because I am sure I could sell millions of feathers to all the cat's owners!
This month pass, my cat was hiding all day and she came out only at nights, when the light was off and we played with the peacock feather until I fell a sleep, sometimes with the feather in my hand.

A few days ago, I fell a sleep with the peacock feather in my hand and woke up from a small paw scratching my hand saying– "let go of the feather…! You are sleeping, I respect that… I know how important it is to your physiological needs… but I want to play! I slept all day and I am full of energy! Let it go…!"
I was so happy! She touched me for the first time!

In the last few days my cat started to come out of her hiding earlier. She doesn’t wait until night time, and she comes out on the evenings.

Playing on the bad…! It's so great, to see her like that! After so long!

Yesterday night we played together, my cat, the peacock and me, and after a long play, I fell asleep, with the feather in my hand.
I woke up from a scratch… I didn't let go so fast this time and the scratching continues… It was so exiting to know that I started to gain her trust and that she is not afraid of me, and that she initiated the touch!
If she scratched to hard, I shouted… well, just a little… If she was gentle, I praised her. It was great!
So, it took my cat one and a half months to come out of her hidings!
And even though she is hiding all day and comes out only in the evenings, I can finally say: "My cat is not hiding from me anymore!"

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