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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do they know it's their reflection in the mirror

The kitten and mirror picture is courtesy of shertila

Physiologists have had an experiment, trying to understand, do animals have got self awarness.
The animals were standing infront of a mirror and a red dot was projected on their forhead.
Some apes tried to take the red dot off their body, also dolphines and elephants.
Cats and dogs didn't.

I would be happy to read some cats mirrors stories...
what is your cat's reflection/reaction infront of a mirror?
Leave your comment...

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Indian Home Maker said...

My cat used to sit on top of the TV and then bend down to admire his face in the screen, he also loves to look at himself in the mirror and sometimes watches us through the mirror :)
I think he knows that's him in the mirror.