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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The hiding kitten cat is courtesy of paolo margari .

My cat is still hiding under the bad for the whole day. At night she comes out, when I'm sleeping/awake, I hear her in the dark. Kittens in stress, in a new house are very much affraid from everything and it may take a couple of weeks untill they start to feel safe.

In the first few days, I wanted her to feel that I care for her and I looked for her all the time. I was looking her in the eyes talking to her. Well apparently I need to learn better the language of cats. I found some tips which will help me improve my cat lang:

* Food/water arriving at the same times every day
* Same food and water bowls used, always placed in the exact location as before.
* Litter pans scrubbed and scooped at the same time(s) every day.
* Reading times- going into her room, sitting on the floor (not in a chair) taking off your shoes so she can catch your scent when you stick your feet into her general direction and begin reading aloud softly to her. Afterward, place a meaty treat in the imprint you left on the carpet and leave the room.
* Use nightlights or dim lights in the room.
* Play classical music though harp music is best.
* Keep your voice soft and remove your shoes when entering her domain.
* Talk to her all the time you are in the room, even when you can’t see her.
* Keep others from entering until she can adjust to her new world.
* Keep other pets away from her.
* Install a pet-proof screen door for the room. This keeps her safe and able to move about quicker because no one can enter without first making noise.
* Be sure she has plenty of ventilation in the warmer times of the months. You can keep the windows open 24/7 by installing plastic rose trellis over the windows.
* Be sure the decorative holes are not big enough for her to get her head stuck. These sheets come in several different styles can be attached easily with screws and popped out only by creatures with opposable thumbs.
* If she isn’t drinking water, use a clear glass bowl that is large enough her whiskers won’t touch the sides. Buy some colored aquarium rock, or use marbles or ball bearings (all rinsed well) and pour those on the bottom of the bowl. Add fresh cool water daily. Another alternative is a Drinkwell water fountain.
* If she isn’t eating, be sure you are feeding her on a plate, not in a bowl. If her whiskers touch the sides of the bowl, she may not eat. Cats whiskers are ultra sensitive to touch.
* Do not make eye contact with her when she does come out. If you happen to glance over and see her, blink your eyes slowly several times , lower your head and back away. Direct staring at a stray cat is an invitation to battle.

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