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Friday, September 19, 2008

Cats and Snakes

The cat and snake picture is courtesy of  karhneg - crazy photographer

Some Cats and snakes things I've read:
Cats snake bites are less deadly than dogs snake bites.(at least in Australia).
If a the worst happens and your cat do get a snake bite take him straight to the vet!
Some cats get's their owner intention to a suspicious place with a special body language, and their tail is "happy" again only when the area was found safe.
Cats can catch a snake or warn us about it, but the best thing is that they prevent the snakes from getting to the house in the first place because they eat the snakes food.
Lucky me, I leave in a place with no snakes, and now that I have a cat I can sleep even better, specially because she is still under my bed all the time…

Does Vitamin C help with dog snake bite? you can read about it here:

The cat with snake pictures are courtesy of Chickenboots 

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