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Monday, September 1, 2008

My new Cat

The idea to start this blog is courtesy of my new kitty cat who wakes me up in the middle of the nights... She arrived at our home on 28/08/08, 5 days ago, and she was hiding for 3 days, without eating at all. I asked the vat what to do and she said that more than 3 days without food and water may be dangerous, and to bring her over for infusion. On the third night she drank and ate! Just a little, but we celebrated it. We knew she is going to be fine!The day after, she was hiding for the whole day and at night she started to cry. The poor baby was looking for her mother. Think about the trauma she is going through, separated from her mother, her sister and her home! People experience with cats, says it may take 2 weeks until she will start to feel safe.About the crying, I had the feeling she enjoying having her voice back after 3 days. I MIAO with her every night and we start to communicate with each other - miaoing.Good luck Habakuka! May you have a happy, long life with us!

My new Cat with her mother!

The family is having breakfast :)

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